Database on the Custom Totems:

Totems of Undying are vanilla items that get destroyed when the player dies. Essentially its a sacrificial item that gets sacrificed in-place of the players life. When I set out for these custom items I wanted something semi permanent, something that's better than beacons, potions, and is portable. These totems do all that and so much more!

Totems are as follows:

Mermaid Totem - Allows breathing under water infinitely whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Dolphins Grace Totem - Allows infinite Dolphins Grace whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Bouncy Totem - Allows Infinite Jump II whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Flash Totem - Allows Infinite Speed II whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Shiny Totem - Allows Infinite Night Vision whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Rapid Mine Totem - Allows Infinite Hast II whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Free Falling Totem - Allows Infinite Slow Falling whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Floating Totem - Allows Infinite Levitation whilst equipped - Tiers 1-3

Totems with Tiers example:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

Totems now have an added Gem Slot, gem slots give extra stats depending on the gem you place into the item, here is an example of the gems and how you do it.

TRADING: You can trade 2x TIER 2 of the same Totem to an NPC at spawn for a TIER 3. If you place any gems on the Totem, you will no longer be able to trade it.

To claim your totem, go into the mine shaft left of spawn. Look for who stole your totem and he will trade it back for the fake, turns out they like the fakes more anyway!

Differnt NPCs trade for different totems, so look to see who stole your totem and trade it back with the NPC that has that name.


You can acquire Gems in numerous ways, from the donation store and soon to be daily key. These gems hold extra stats that you can place on totems to give those totems extra stats! An example on how to do that is on the donation page for Gem Packets.

Gems have different tiers, the higher the tier the better the buff!

1st Tier is [1%-1+] 

2nd Tier is [3%-3+]

3rd Tier is [5%-5+]

You can trade up 4x Tier 1 gems of the same buff to an NPC in the Ravine at spawn, trading 4x Gems will give you a Gem Token.

You can trade 3x Tier 2 gems of the same buff to an NPC in the Ravine at spawn, trading 3x Gems will give you a Gem Token.

You can then trade 3x Tokens for ANY Tier 3 gem!

Gems you can obtain are as follows:

  • Attack Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Block Chance
  • Crit Chance
  • Crit Damage
  • Fall Damage
  • PvE Damage
  • Regeration
  • Resistance
  • Undead


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